We are extremely excited about our ENERG•STATION. We believe it's a brand new day and a brand new era for solar energy solutions. Call us @ (931) 638 - 4638 / 4639 or email us @ info@acellcsolar.com for more information. (click to see pictures)


There are virtually an unlimited number of ways that the enerG•StationTM system may be configured. However, some of the most common schemes are Shoulder Energy Storage, Demand Shaving and PV Smoothing.

System Configuration

The enerG•StationTM systems are capable of directly interfacing with the Utility Grid (UGrid), a local generator acting as the Grid (LGrid) or without a local generator (NGrid).

The enerG•StationTM interfaces with or generates 480 Vrms, 3-phase power at up to 2 MW in increments of 100 kW. The direct output/input power supplied by the AC interface is in Delta configuration. An external isolation transformer is used to convert the output of the system to WYE configuration.

Each enerG•StationTM inverter is rated at 100 kW. Up to 20 inverters may be configured in parallel to provide a 2MW system. Multiple units are connected to each other through switch gear custom-designed by ACE, LLC SOLAR to fit the specific requirements of each system.


The enerG•StationTM systems are designed to be delivered for applications that often allow for minimal space. In addition, building and testing such systems often require that the system in built and tested in a laboratory environment before being deployed in the field.

Therefore, careful, space-efficient design is one of the requirements for the enerG•StationTM systems. At ACE, LLC SOLAR we use CAD design techniques to figure out the smallest detail of such a system so that we can minimize unpredictability in both design and deployment of the system.

Differentiated Technology

The enerG•StationTM systems are considered differentiated technology and perfectly suited for small power users. A solution for solar energy to operate day and night and an ability to replace coal, oil, natural gas, diesel and nuclear as an alternative energy source.