PJ Kraft SOLAR enterprises, llc • 199.8 kW Solar Energy farm

ACE, LLC SOLAR completed a 199.8 kW solar system installation in April 2015 for PJ Kraft Solar Enterprises, LLC in Elkmont, Alabama.

PJ Kraft Solar Enterprises, LLC contracted ACE, LLC SOLAR to design and install a 199.8 kW solar energy system which was completed in April 2015. This was a project that was based on the TVA Dispurse Power Production program (DPP).

Mrs. Paula Kraft made the following statement:

"As my husband and I are nearing retirement, we wanted to find a way to generate additional income in our retirement years.  We knew that one way to accomplish that goal was to start a business.  When thinking about what type of business we would start, we agreed that we did not want to pursue a business that would be labor intensive, and require a lot of day-to-day management.  We wanted a mechanism of earning what we refer to as 'passive income'.

We began hearing a lot about solar energy and decided to investigate that concept.  Our research lead us to ACE, LLC. SOLAR, where we met Chuck Boggs and his team.  We quickly realized that we would be in good hands.  His firm designed and constructed a solar farm in Elkmont, Alabama. Through ACE, we learned about tax credits, and state and federal grants that helped to underwrite the cost of our solar project.

With the constucton of a 200 kW solar farm, PJ Kraft Solar Enterprises, LLC is now in the business of generating and selling electricity to the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) for the next twenty years.  Even though the construction of the project has been completed, the relationship between us and ACE, LLC. SOLAR is alive and well.  Chuck often says to me, 'we're in this together'.

We are pleased to be able to generate renewable energy.  This endeavor not only helps the surrounding communities, but solar energy is clean, and it is the most abundant because it is generated by the sun.  Not only that, but we have accomplished our goal of creating passive income for our future." Paula Kraft, PJ Kraft Solar Enterprises, LLC.